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People, Profit, Planet

Today, investors all over the world are looking for triple bottom-line investments--those that benefit people, create a profit and sustain the planet. At Stoutenborough, Inc., we say we are creating triple bottom-line architecture--and it's not just a euphemism.

As one of the earliest firms to commit to the concept of mixed-use design, and one of the world's experts in its execution, Stoutenborough, Inc has from its inception been designing for both people and the planet. Mixed use design returns to the earliest concepts of neighborhoods, letting people live, work, shop and find entertainment just a walk or a bike ride away. While every mixed-use project doesn't combine all these elements, the core intent remains the same--allowing many different activities without having to drive long distances.

As a firm committed to sustainable architecture with LEED accredited professionals on staff, Stoutenborough, Inc. takes mixed-use a step further. The company applies the best principals of sustainable design --both proven and leading edge--to every project, helping its clients meet regulatory requirements and realize the short and long-term cost savings that green architecture can provide.

But certainly one of the main reasons Stoutenborough, Inc. has worked successfully with developers, cities and tenants for so long is because the company knows how to plan space for profit. For developers, cities and tenants, just designing pretty buildings doesn't cut it. If it doesn't pencil it doesn't get built. Stoutenborough Inc. is a master of "the pencil", creating projects that attract people, sustain the planet and still make money for its clients. Truly, a triple bottom-line investment.


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