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A Cure for Bad Energy

Stoutenborough, Inc. responds to the individual needs of its clients and their environments. In this case, a mall in an Asian community was failing because the patrons perceived "bad feng shui" in the center of the mall in which a carousel ran in the wrong direction.Stoutenborough, Inc. cured the energy of the mall with a complete feng shui analysis and redesign. The result? Thriving sales and happy tenants. The feng shui approach is described below.


Feng Shui harmonizes the five elements present in nature-wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  The elements used for this project were:  WOOD  - represented by the plants, wooden benches, and the columns which represent the wood shape, the color green is also present;  FIRE -- represented by the color red in the flowers, the fish in the stream, the lighting and the ever-present shopper (people);  EARTH -- represented by the dirt in the plants and stream, ceramic pots, earth times, square and rectangular shapes as in the chairs and benches;  METAL -- represented by the granite floor, sand and rocks in the stream, the shape of the round tables, and the color white; and WATER -- represented by the clouds that hold water, the stream itself, and the meandering path the stream takes .  When all five elements are represented, there is balance and harmony and the benevolent qualities of Ch'i are enhanced and shoppers spend money.