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People, Profit, Planet --No Order Intended

In the Philosophy section of this web site, we say that it is the intention of Stoutenborough, Inc. to perform "triple bottom-line architecture"--design that benefits people, creates profit for our clients and sustains the planet. At the heart of this approach is a deeply held conviction that these three goals are not only not mutually exclusive, but are actually mutually supportive. Mutually enriching. Mutually multiplying. 

Before the idea of "greenness" was fashionable, Stoutenborough,Inc. approached each project as a unique environment subject to the needs of it people and  the natural requirements of its location. Today, the company brings the newest concepts in sustainable technology and design to bear on each project finding new and better ways to save resources and money while treading even more lightly on the planet. Never satisfied with simply being "less bad", Stoutenborough, Inc. designs for the optimal combination of people, profit and planet. 

For additional information on sustainable architecture contact http://www.usgbc.org